Patient Information

TPA & Insurance

List of Empanelled TPA
  • United Healthcare Parekh Tpa Pvt Ltd
  • Medi Assist India Tpa Pvt Ltd
  • Md India Heathcare Tpa Sevices Pvt Ltd
  • Paramount Health Services Tpa
  • Emeditek Tpa Sservices Ltd
  • Heritage Health Tpa Pvt Ltd
  • Medicare Tpa Services Pvt Ltd
  • Family Health Plan Tpa Ltd
  • Raksha Tpa Pvt Ltd
  • Vidal Heath Tpa Pvt Ltd
  • Med Save Health Care Tpa Ltd
  • Genins India Tpa Ltd
  • Health India Tpa Services Private Limited
  • Good Heath Tpa Service Ltd
  • Vipul Med Corp Tpa Pvt Ltd
  • Dedicated Healthcare Services Tpapvt Ltd
  • Ericson Tpa Heathcare Pvt Ltd
  • Health Insurance Tpa Of India Ltd
  • Focus Healthcare Tpa Pvt. Ltd.
  • Anyuta Tpa In Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
  • East West Assist Tpa Pvt. Ltd.
  • Alankit Healthcare Tpa Ltd.
  • Park Mediclaim Tpa Ltd.
  • Safeway Tpa Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Anmol Medicare Tpa Pvt. Ltd
  • Grand Healthcare Service Tpa Pvt. Ltd.
  • Rothsheild Healthcare Tpa Service Private Limited
  • Sri Gokulam Health Serivice Tpa Limited
  • Happy Insurance Tpa Pvt. Ltd.
  • Spurthi Meditech Tpa Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

FAQ for Insurance

Yes, we do have tie ups with insurance companies. You can contact our Insurance Desk or refer to our website for more details.

You will need to settle the bills with the hospital and can submit the re-imbursement claim with your insurance company.

Yes, if you have planned admission or surgery, it is necessary to connect with your insurance company first. Pre-authorization form has to be duly filled and approval has to be taken prior to admission.

Meet our TPA executive for cashless facility, our executive will guide you accordingly.

You are required to connect with your T.P.A. for assistance. Otherwise, your bills need to be settled directly with the Hospital. You can then process with the re-imbursement process.

You are requested to settle the bills directly at the Hospital. After that you can submit for reimbursement claim with your insurance company. The cashless claim might be approved or denied depending on the cause of hospitalization, the line of treatment and policy terms and conditions.

The Hospital is not responsible for the denial of cashless. The Reason of Denial will be informed by your insurance company.

It would be the responsibility of the patient. The hospital will assist patients in the authorization process.

After the patient gets admitted in the hospital, the patient has to inform the Insurance Desk that he/she wishes to avail to the cashless facility.

The pre-authorization form has to reach the respective insurance company /T.P.A. within 24 hours of admission. It is a mandatory requirement of the insurance company. If this instruction isn’t followed, cashless facility is cannot be availed.

When the form is duly filled and completed in all respects, the hospital’s Insurance Desk will follow up by sending the pre-authorization and get the approval from the patient.

The patient might need to follow-up with the insurance company if there are any queries related to policy terms and conditions.